“The Lost Bible” bestseller to be the guest star at upcoming Gaudeamus Book Fair. 25,000 copies sold so far

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“The Lost Bible” by Igor Bergler set an amazing sale record on the Romanian book market, exceeding 25,000 copies sold in the two months since it has been put up for sale.

The bestseller will also be ”the glamour girl” of the 22nd edition of Gaudeamus Book fair, due November 18-22 at Romexpo central pavilion in Bucharest. A grand launching is expected at RAO publishing house’s stall on November 20, at 6 p.m., with the author attending. At the same time, an extra autograph session will be held on November 21, at 3 p.m.

The book launchings had an incredible success across the country as well, in Brasov and particularly in Timisoara. The publishing house’s general manager, Ovidiu Enculescu says he hasn’t seen so many people at a book launching for years, since the times the books used to be “devoured” in Romania, in the first years after the 1989 Revolution.

The unprecedented marketing campaign, but also the exceptional distribution encompassing over 800 selling points, have been the arguments to begin with. Yet, as people started to read Igor Bergler’s novel, the campaign has been enforced by more and more enthusiast reviews of the readers.

Hundreds of their testimonies, where the most frequent expression “you cannot let the book down”, “It never happened to me to get away from it all since reading Stieg Larsson and Dan Brown to finish a book” and many others can be found on social media, book blogs and websites.

The Lost Bible proves to be much more intelligent and thrilling than it would have seemed following ‘a witting non-reading’. Briefly, it’s about the best thriller ever published so far by a Romanian writer,” one of the most important critics of the young generation, Mihai Iovanel has recently written in “Revistacultura.ro”.

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