‘The Lost Bible’ by Igor Bergler to be represented by giant Trident Media Group

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One of the largest, leading literary agencies in the world won the right to represent the most successful Romanian book in the past 20 years (over 65,000 copies sold so far). Romania Igor Bergler’s bestseller will be represented around the world by Trident Media Group (TMG).

TMG has ranked first for sales to the US big literary agencies in the past ten years. TMG is the only U.S. literary agency to consistently be in the top ten in both UK fiction and UK non-fiction and has ranked as highly as number one in UK fiction deals. Among the agency’s clients are Pulitzer Prize or National Book Award winners, as well as winners of various other literary prizes, such as Faulkner or Hemingway prizes. Trident also boasts Oscar, Golden Globes awards, but also hundreds of Bestsellers on the famous New York Times list.

Igor Bergler will not be represented by any agent, but by one of the agency’s vice-presidents, Scott Miller.

Very few people in Romania can realize what great is this achievement. No one in this country’s history has ever managed not only to be represented, but at least to ne noticed by an agency like TMG. A world-class literary agency like it is receiving tens of thousands of letters of intention, tens of thousands of books every month. This makes it very selective. It is a great wonder that somebody up there should contact you just because he found interesting the synopsis you sent. It’s even scarcer to ask for your manuscript. The competition is choking and sometimes discouraging. Once Trident takes you, the chances that your book not becoming a world bestseller and not reaching stunning figures are almost absent. Pawkily, I would like you to keep in mind that Igor Bergler is a RAO author and that “The Lost Bible” broke all records in Romania and I am sure that it will be a blockbuster around the world!,” said Ovidiu Enculescu, manager of RAO publishing house.

During the several past months when I introduced the book to various literary agencies across the world, I received over 100 enthusiast answers and 26 agencies- from Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Latin America, Turkey, Great Britain and Portugal and so on up to China, Taiwan or India- have read the book and really wanted to have it in their portfolios. I found it hard to choose for I ended up meeting extraordinary people who know what I am talking about and who loved my book. I had the opportunity to choose territorial representation, various agencies in various countries.

But when I received the offer of TRIDENT MEDIA GROUP I knew I couldn’t choose anyone else. To be represented by one of the agency’s vice-presidents, who is a world leader for the copyright sales, it’s almost impossible to turn down the offer. I really wanted this, but I couldn’t imagine that this could actually happen to me. Anyway, this type of international validation says a lot. First of all, the Romanian citizens who bought “The Lost Bible” in large numbers are synchronized with the type of writing currently spread in the world and their tastes are not local or private, but universal,” author Igor Bergler also pointed out.

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