‘The Lost Bible’ sets preorder record on the Romanian book market


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The Lost Bible” by Igor Bergler could exceed 8,000 preorders by the end of this month, in a record figure for the Romanian book market. In Romania a bestseller is sold on average in 5,000 copies during a year or two.

So, in only two weeks, Rao publishing house received 4,000 preorders for the book that will enter Romanian bookshops on October 1, while the preorder period is ending on September 30.

Moreover, the book has benefitted of an unprecedented marketing campaign in Romania, with the Facebook page exceeding 11,000 fans in only four months since the opening. The two trailers of the volume gathered over 20,000 views in less than a month.

The book translated in English by Jean Harris tells the story of professor Charles Baker who comes in the town where Dracula was born to officially attend a conference of the most renowned historians in the world. Unofficially, the aim of his presence in the heart of Transylvania is to clear up a mystery having deep roots in his family’s history. Yet, three macabre crimes changes his action plan, and the professor finds himself in the middle of a worldwide conspiracy in progress for more than half of millennium.

The members of the organization are controlling financial, media markets, as well as the most important industries in the country. They are surveying the Internet and the social media networks and pulling the strings of all governments in the world. The only thing that could stop them is the truth hidden by Dracula in the “Gutenberg’s Bible”.

One of the most controversial personalities of the Eastern Europe, Vlad the Impaler has financed an ambitious project that will change the interface of the entire world: multiplication of a message which was meant to be decoded only by certain insiders. In 1455, the code is hidden in the first ever print work-“The Bible B42”, also known as the “Gutenberg’s Bible”. As Charles Baker is tracking down his family’s history, he is disclosing a terrifying image of a confused world where propaganda is not a war exclusive, but has subtly insinuated into the day-to day life of every permanent connected or not connected Internet user.

Igor Bergler has studied film production at the Ecological University in Bucharest and also audiovisual communication at the Academy of Theatre and Film in Bucharest. He signed seven short films, two medium films and two feature films, as director and scriptwriter.

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