The Lost Bible, special edition at Gaudeamus Book Fair

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Over 1,000 copies of the “Lost Bible” bestseller limited edition await readers at the upcoming Gaudeamus Book Fair, signed by the author Igor Bergler, RAO publishing house informs.

The novel has set and broken record after record: over 82,000 copies sold, presale record, the largest in Romania’s history, over 10,000 copies, sale record in the first weekend after the release in bookshops, 3, 200 copies, the best sold book at the 22nd edition of Gaudeamus Book Fair, over 1,600 sold copies, while also being “the most wanted” book by those 125,000 visitors of the fair.

The volume is a real cultural odyssey mixing delicate sense of humour to authentic suspense episodes, hidden messages and  thoroughly built secrete codes. It is a book that is catching you from its first sentence, while providing a sweeping literary experience.

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