The most-expected book of 2017 by Igor Bergler, Abraham’s Will to be released in October

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Abraham’s Will, Igor Bergler’s second novel, a prequel of the record-breaking Lost Bible, will be released this autumn, in October, at Litera Publishing House.

Bergler’s first novel, The Lost Bible, has been the best-sold Romanian book in the past 20 years, boasting over 100,000 sold copies.

The author comes back with a new more thrilling and surprising novel, where conspiracies are far more awesome, mysteries are deeper, the secrets darker and the rhythm more stunning. The puzzle pieces compiling the book, the cultural references hidden in plain sight-most of the times in a parody key-as well as the diabolic intelligence of the construction turn the novel into a unique experience.

„What has been lost could save us from what we already have”abraham will

Charles Baker, professor at Princeton and former campaign head of the US President, discovers his assisstant beastly killed in the university campus. Starting from the clues he has left, the professor finds out that his young collaborator had found out a terrible truth about the most important American President, Abraham Lincoln. The truth was so explosive that its disclosure could change the America’s history and the one of the entire world. Will the professor manage to stop in due time those who want to hide this secret, even with the price of numerous lives? At the end of a path dotted with dangers and unexpected overthrows, Baker discovers not only Lincoln’s secret, but also the location where the most valuable treasure of the humankind is hidden.

Why did Lincoln abolish slavery? Why did Pope Ratzinger quit? How did Trump come to power? Where has the Alexandria Library gone missing? These are some of the questions that Abraham’s Will is answering.

Abraham’s Will is an hommage paid to book, to all books, starting with Homer’s poems up to Borges’ metaphysical stories, in a world more and more chocked with a culture of endless images, emptied of content, which is agressing us at every second. Not only an image doesn’t go for one thousand words, as a stupid expression is being repeated, but, on the contrary, a thousand images don’t go for a word of Cervantes, Rabelais or Umberto Eco,” says author Igor Bergler.

The book trailer is available here.

The fans can learn further novelties on the book’s Facebook page and on the author’s website.


The book can be pre-ordered starting September 1, and will be available in all bookshops countrywide as of October 1.

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