The Night of the Museums 2015 to kick off with unusual protest

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The National Museums Network found an atypical way of raising awareness regarding the museums’ problems by deciding to cover one of the museum’s valuable work, so to speak to prevent the visitors from seeing the piece of work in sign of protest.

“Every museum will cover a valuable work with a toile to catch your attention that you might not find the work nor the museum the next time you will want to see them (…)This is the form of protest that we’ll probably adopt in 99 percent of the cases. Our intention is to raise the public awareness regarding the serious situation of the Romanian museums. We consider the audience is the most entitled to advert to politicians that radical actions are needed to improve the museums’ situation. For following restitutions museum lost both their headquarters and cultural works, while the state authorities did almost nothing to find solutions to help museum in all these years,” Virgil Nitulescu, the head of the National Museums Network said.

Museum from Iasi and Galati will also take part in the 2015 Night of the Museums events and the National Bank of Romania’s Museum is to attend the event for the first time.

Last year’s edition lured over 190,000 participants in Bucharest, the most visitors preferring Bellu Museum and “Grigore Antipe” National History Museum.

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