The Nordic Film Festival returns this weekend


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NORDIC FILM FESTIVAL invites all lovers of Nordic cinema to its third edition this weekend. The festival will start on Thursday, September 22, at 18:30, and the screenings will continue until Sunday, September 25, offering moviegoers a varied program that includes comedy, drama, thriller, historical film, but also animations for children. The festival takes place in Bucharest, at Cinema Elvire Popesco in Bd. Dacia, No. 77.

The programme includes 14 multi-award winning feature films, subtitled in Romanian, through which #NordicFF brings to the fore atypical and unique cinematic perspectives, which celebrate the diversity of artistic forms and visions approached by filmmakers from all five Nordic countries: Denmark, Finland , Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

“We want the Nordic Film Festival to represent a break from everyday life, an oasis of culture and humanism in a troubled time in Europe. We chose to organize the Nordic Film Festival again because European cultural ties must not end, and a film festival in the red would be a real plunge into the abyss in a cultural industry that shows little signs of recovery anyway,” says Vlad Rotaru, the Artistic Director of the festival.

The festival is organized with the support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Denmark in Romania, the Embassy of the Republic of Finland in Romania, the Consulate of the Republic of Iceland in Romania, the Embassy of the Kingdom of Norway in Romania and the Embassy of Sweden in Bucharest.


Thursday / September 22 / 18:30hrs
RUN UJE RUN / Comedy-Drama/ Sweden / 2020
Duration: 1h 18m
Direction: Henrik Schyffert.

Thursday / September 22/ 20:30hrs
WILDLAND / Thriller / Denmark / 2020
Duration: 1h 29m
Direction: Jeanette Nordahl


Friday / September 23/ 18:30hrs
Duration: 1h 22m
Direction: Teemu Nikki

Friday / September 23/20:30hrs
HOPE / Drama / Norway / 2020
Duration: 2h 5m
Direction: Maria Sødahl


Saturday / September 24 / 11:00hrs
DREAMBUILDERS / Animation / Denmark / 2020
Duration: 1h 21m
Direction: Kim Hagen Jensen, Tonni Zinck

Saturday / September 24 / 13:00hrs
SUPERFURBALL / Animation / Finland / 2019
Duration: 1h 26m
Direction: Joona Tena

Super Furball, Finland

Saturday / September 24 / 15:00hrs
OUT STEALING HORSES / Drama Mystery/ Norway / 2020
Duration: 1h58m
Direction: Hans Petter Moland

Saturday / September 24 / 17:30hrs
TOVE / Drama-Biopic / Finland / 2020
Duration: 1h 43m
Direction: Zaida Bergroth

Saturday / September 24 /20:00hrs
BEWARE OF CHILDREN / Drama / Norway / 2020
Duration: 2h37m
Direction: Dag Johan Haugerud


Sunday/ September 25 / 11:00hrs
THOR / Animation/ Iceland / 2011
Duration: 1h 22m
Direction: Óskar Jónasson

Sunday/ September 25/ 12:45hrs
TIGERS / Drama-Biopic / Sweden/ 2020
Duration: 1h 56m
Direction: Ronnie Sandahl.

Sunday/ September 25/ 15:00hrs
ERNA AT WAR / Historical / Denmark / 2020
Duration: 1h 45m
Direction: Henrik Ruben Genz

Sunday/ September 25/17:30hrs
MY DAD, MARIANNE / Comedy-Drama / Sweden / 2020
Duration: 1h 50m
Direction: Mårten Klingberg

Sunday/ September 25/20:00hrs
AGNES JOY / Drama / Iceland/ 2019
Duration: 1h 32m
Direction: Silja Hauksdóttir


More about the programme and additional information is available here: FACEBOOKINSTAGRAM and TIKTOK pages.

Tickets can be purchased here or directly at Elvire Popesco Cinema Hall.

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