‘The Royal Train’ has its official premiere in Romania on August 27

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The documentary “The Royal Train” directed by Baron Johannes von Holzhausen will have its official premiere in Romania on August 27, 2021.

The feature film, a Navigator Film Austria production co-produced with HiFilm Productions and Romanian Television, will run for the national premiere, in the presence of the team, on August 14, at the “Romanian Film Evenings” Festival in Iasi. The film will be screened from 20.00, at Cinema Ateneu Iași.

The “Royal Train” had its world premiere in 2019 at Dok Leipzig, being included in the international competition, and was launched on the big screens in Austria and Germany in early 2020.

Her Majesty Margaret is the “Guardian of the Crown” of a fallen monarchy. Her Majesty is lobbying for the recognition by the Romanian Constitution of the previous royal status of his family members. The piece of resistance is the “Royal Train”, an annual trip that takes place on routes that reach distant regions of Romania, and which allows Her Majesty Margareta and her husband, HRH Prince Radu, to come into contact with Romanian supporters of the monarchy.

As the train advances, we follow the archivist Adrian Buga, who searches, preserves and combines materials from the era of royalty, who listen to the stories of those who know how to evoke Romania of yesteryear.

The “royal train” makes the faults of European history recognizable in the modern era and tells about them in an enlightening and sympathetic way. The journey of the Royal Train, from the starting station to the terminus, is the metaphor that connects the story of a century and a half of an institution deeply linked to our country, to its present and future, historically and in terms of identity. The “royal train” presents to the public the involvement of the institution of the Royal House in the social and cultural life of Romania.

Her Majesty Margareta is the President of the Royal Margaret Foundation of Romania, of the Romanian National Red Cross Society, of the Săvârșin Association for Sustainable Development and honorary president of the Romanian Athletics Foundation.

The distribution of the documentary includes Her Majesty Margaret, HRH Prince Radu, HRH Princess Maria of Romania but also the historian, art critic and counselor of the Royal House, Adrian Buga.

The screenplay is signed by Johannes Holzhausen and Constantin Wulff, the image director is Joerg Burger, the sound was handled by Vlad Voinescu while the editing was done by Dieter Pichler.

The film is produced by Johannes Rosenberger, Johannes Holzhausen, Constantin Wulff and co-produced by Ada Solomon and Diana Păroiu.

“The Royal Train” is a Navigator Film Austria production co-produced with HiFilm Productions and Romanian Television and it is distributed by microMULTILATERAL with the support of the National Center of Cinematography.

The official trailer is available here.

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