The unique Clock Museum in Ploiesti reopens for visitors

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The Clock Museum in Ploiesti was re-opened for visitor on Thursday, after undergoing an ample two-year-and-a-half revamping process in a EU-funded project worth RON 5 million.

The museum, listed as historical monument, is unique in Romania and even in Europe, while easily being compared with Western well-thought-of museums such as the ones in Switzerland or Germany. Actually many workhouses from there can be found through the exhibits on display in Ploiesti.

The building hosting the unique museum was built in 1890 for the city prefect back then, diplomat and magistrate Luca Elefterescu.

The time evolution is exceptionally captured at the Clock Museum, displaying items dating back in the 16th century up to the 20th century.

The museum collection comprises about 4,000 exhibits, ranging from sundials, water watches, sand boxes, table clocks, to grandfather clocks and time glasses, most of them being true works of art.

The museum’s representatives reveal that it owns two astronomic clocks made in 1544 and 1562, which have quite complicated mechanisms meaning they offer a lot of information.

Two golden watches owned by King Carol I are also found here, as well as clocks belonging to some historical or cultural personalities such as ruler Alexandru Ioan Cuza, historic Mihai Kogalniceanu, writer Mihail Sadoveanu, poet Vasile Alecsandri or painter Theodor Aman.

There are also some entertaining watches on display, the miller’s watch, the blacksmith’s watch, the barber’s watch or the tom cat’s watch.

The museum is also revealing some novelties, such as a multitouch providing wide information on the exhibits, a hologram, a talking clock, as well as a small watchmaking shop. The museographers also re-designed a small salon dating back in the early 20th century, to remind of the first French-style New Year’s Eve party held in this building in 1903.

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