The weekend events: Music, film and Bucharest celebration


The upcoming weekend has plenty of surprises for Bucharesters. The Capital city will host a lots of music and cinema events, and beyond all, it will celebrate its 557th anniversary with mega gig in the Constitutiei Square, street theatre performances and many others.

So, get ready for an incendiary weekend for you have plenty to choose.

First edition of Película – Latin American Film & Experience will run September 14-18, bringing a true Latin-American experience in Bucharest through movies, gastronomy, music, dance and workshops.

New Romanian Design will also take place in Bucharest at Romexpo, September 14-18.

Dizainar, the exclusive Romanian design store, will invite the audience at Bife-Sim, the major fair focused on the Romanian design industry, from handmade items to interior design.

Full Moon Live is due at Arenele Romane September 16-17, with LP (first performance in Romania), Asaf Avidan, Moonlight Breakfast, Yelllow, Lucia and Imagination Orchestra performing.

The White Night of the Romanian Film, September 16-17, returns for the seventh year in a row in ten venues in Bucharest to bring the latest stories directed by Romanian filmmakers, some classics or previews.

Screenings will take place at the Peasant Museum Cinema, Elvira Popesco Cinema, the Cultural Center House of Arts, Crangasi Park, J’ai Bistrot Bucharest, DESCHIS Gastrobar, unteatru, Make a Point and the Alternative Education Club.

The Independent Theatre Marathon-Bucharest Fringe, the 6th edition, kicks off on September 17 to last until October 2.

Apropo Theatre is organizing the Bucharest Fringe event this year, an event supporting the independent theatre in Romania. The four sections of the festival, Competition, One Drama, Indie Gold and Student Theatre Nights, will present original theatre plays, tragicomedies or the most appreciated theatre shows by the young theatre graduates.

“Cinema, Mon Amour” is due at the Contemporary Art Museum on September 16, tackling on the filmmaker’s Don Quixote fight in a ruined cinema.

Ba far the most expected event is the Bucharest Days celebrating the capital city’s 557th anniversary.

Live @ Piaţa Constituţiei is the mega gig scheduled on September 17, rejoining the most beloved Romanian pop-rock artists of the moment: // Andra // Stefan Banica Junior // Zdob si Zdub // Holograf // Trupa Vunk // Bere Gratis Oficial // Sore // Loredana Groza // RUBY // Connect-R // Gabriel Cotabiţă // Marcel Pavel // Ovidiu Komornyik // Proconsul // Phoenix // Lidia Buble //.

The concert starts at 5 p.m. and will end till midnight.

The celebration atmosphere will be completed by eight street theatre troupes form Spain, Italy and France. Clowns and huge puppets, butterflies and light dancers will walk into the crowd on Constitutiei Square and the nearby streets.

Traffic will be restricted on September 17 from 8 a.m. on Unirii Boulevard (I.C Bratianu Blvd. to the Constitutiei Square) and from 3 p.m. on Liberatatii Blvd. (Calea 13 Septembrie to United Nations Blvd.) and will re-open after midnight at 1 a.m.

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