The works of art collected by a Romanian company in over 30 years, put up for auction


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181 works of art, from a selection that brings together three generations of artists, are part of the Auction of a corporate Contemporary Art Collection scheduled for Tuesday, January 30, from 7:00 p.m. It is the first time that a collection of works collected, over three decades, by a Romanian company, which collected all these works mainly through purchases from exhibitions, to support Romanian artists and to encouraged their gradual formation in the years that followed the Revolution. It is about the artists of the 70s and 80s, as well as from the post-December and Z generations, all united in the courage to express their ideas, to inspire and challenge our imagination.

Whether we are talking about artists who undermined the pre-1989 political regime through their creation, choosing the image as a weapon of truth, or whether we are talking about artists who evolved during the transition from communism to democracy and faced the new socio-economic challenges or about generation Z artists, concerned with the big themes of today’s agenda (ecology, gender identity and technology), their works are a tool of political-social and cultural activism.

One of the most impressive lots is the work entitled “Peacock”, estimated at 1,000-1,600 euros, which was made by Ionuț Barău from many recycled materials – including a “Răpirea din Serai” tapestry. Ionuț Barău is an artist originally from Focșani, who debuted, in 2019, at Artsafari, as part of the “Young Blood” exhibition, and who defies classic painting techniques, using, in this case as well, various new materials (polyurethane foam, acrylic markers) and heat forming techniques. Also, he repeatedly uses in his works not only unusual materials, but also elements from the plant world, such as shrubs, leaves, branches, thus suggesting that nature is his main interlocutor in the introspective approach.

Special works are also “Come to the Heart Side” by Cristian Moldovan, estimated at 800-1,500 euros, which “sweetens” the famous Darth Vader character from the “Star Wars” film series, but also “Peace Them Over!”, by Marc Verlan – the artist from the Republic of Moldova who created this work in 2010, as if foreshadowing the Ukrainian war that started on February 24, 2022. His painting was estimated at 2,500-3,500 euros.

Also participating in the same auction is a work by Teli Iacșa, “The Social Unicorn”, made of a variety of materials, on the model of “don’t give up what you have”, and which was estimated at 1,000-1,800 euros. The artist announced that she will donate part of the funds raised from this sale to the Veritas Foundation Sighisoara.

All these and many others, in total more than 180 works of art, can be admired at the Cesianu-Racoviță Palace in C.A. str. Rosette no. 5 or online at The exhibition at the Artmark Galleries is open from Monday to Sunday, free of charge, between 10.00 and 20.00.

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