Nottara Theatre runs out of HQs again

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Nottara Theatre in Bucharest remained without headquarters again, after the ArCuB building on Batiste Street, where it was supposed to resume activity, was also ranked among the buildings with high seismic risk. The theatre management says they have found out about it in the last moment.

Nottara manager, Marinela Tepus said she had heard on December 30, 2015 that the theatre cannot move in the new ArCuB HQs, despite the fact she would have had an encounter with ArCuB manager Mihaela Paun on this topic just a day before.

“Mrs. Paun forgot to tell us. Who is going to believe that she did not know about the HQs when we first met on December 29? One of the explanations could be she has Alzheimer and that she should resign or that she did that out of other reasons,” Nottara head said.

However she added that Nottara Theatre would write an open letter calling for Mihaela Paun’s resignation. “The lady managed to do what the earthquake in 1977 couldn’t do for Nottara – to put it out of service for two months,” Tepus argues.

The theatre manager said that the Bucharest City Hall is fighting to get it a stable headquarters in a central location where it could host at least 20 performances.

At the same time, Nottara signed an agreement with the National Military Circle in Bucharest to be able to hold two performances a week in this location. Moreover, Nottara actors will also perform at Cotroceni Palace once a month.

Nottara Theatre suspended activity from the HQd on Mangheru main boulevard on November 23 last year, when the Presidency promulgated the law banning the activity in the buildings with high seismic risk until they get consolidated.

The Bucharest City Hall in retort said that the Nottara’s performances could be hosted by Elisabeta private theatre institution.

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