Nottara Theatre stages peculiar performance in protest against eviction

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Nottara Theatre in Bucharest invites its audience to a peculiar performance on Tuesday, as of 7 p.m., more precisely to see the show from the footwalk in front of the theatre through the building’s glass doors for 30 minutes. The odd invitation relates to the theatre representatives’ protest against the building’s being ranked as a high seismic risk one.

As we cannot take you inside our dear theatre building on Magheru Boulevard, we are waiting for you in the street in front of the building,” Nottara manager Marinela Tepus and her team inform in a notice on the theatre website.

So, spectators will be able to see through the building’s glass doors excerpts from a successful performance staged in the theatre’s lobby. The show, entitled “Humor, love, longing thrill…in Bucharest“, is directed by Diana Lupescu.

The theatre representatives mention that they are thus joining their neighbors from Simeza Gallery who initiated the “Art through the window” project in an attempt to warn authorities over the fact that “by simply evicting some historical and cultural locations, they don’t solve either the risk of being the victims of a potential earthquake or the destiny of the institutions constrained to suspend activity for an indefinite period.”

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