Theatre goers from Bucharest just as active as Londoners, Parisians or Viennese


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Bucharesters are going to the theatre just as much as Londoners, Parisians or Viennese are (around 36%), reveals an IMAS survey commissioned by Nottara Theatre, released at the “Theatre Group of Dialogue” event due at Balassi Magyar Institute in Bucharest on Wednesday.

The study has been conducted by <self-satisfactory questionnaire> in order to reveal the theatre consumers’ true preferences, considering all aspects, from the theatre audience, institutions, repertory, etc. 36% of the Capital City dwellers are going to the theatre, which ranks us on the same line as London, Vienna or Paris,” IMAS director Alin Teodorescu stated.

The theatre spectators are mainly women aged from 30 to 59, with the average age of 46 years old. The Bucharest spectators have high incomes and are mainly with university education. Over 50 percent of them are buying the tickets online, which proves the importance of this marketing tool, although not all Bucharest theatres made the online booking available for their spectators.

The same study shows that the theatre performances are mainly weekend activities, with 48% of the Bucharesters attending them at the end of the week.

The research also unveil that there are around 10,000 theatre cultural events on drama shows staged both by the state owned theatres and by the independent theatre companies, and other 4,500 shows performed by puppet plays. About 40% of the theatre events are taking place in Bucharest.

Comedies are mostly preferred by 70 pc of the audience, while spectators used to choose a certain performance guided by the starring actors’ names.

The most notorious theatres in Bucharest are “I.L. Caragiale” National Theatre, Nottara Theatre and Teatrul Mic, but spectators have mostly attended the performances at the National Theatre, Bulandra and Nottara.

Bucharesters see Radu Beligan, Horatiu Malaele and Florin Piersic as the top three preferred actors, and Maia Morgenstern, Stela Popescu and Rodica Popescu-Bitanescu as the top three most beloved actresses.

The study also points out that spectators are linking theatre to art, and not to the actual entertainment show.


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