Thirty years for STUDIO ROCK, the best metal radio show in Romania

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STUDIO ROCK is the oldest Metal show on radio in Romania hosted by Laurentiu Lenti Chiriac! On February 28th the show will turn 30 years old and Lenti Chiriac did an awesome trailer. The guest will be Noni Hutterer.

The radio show is on air weekly at 98,3 FM ( between 21.00-24.00 CET! For chat, click HERE!

STUDIO ROCK, the oldest rock / metal show in the Romanian audiovisual and the only one that broadcasted discographic rock-metal news for the first time. It started airing in February 1990 on “Radio Romania Tineret” and ever since it aired weekly, every Friday night. In February 2020, the show is turning 30 years old. From the beginning, the summary of the show was focused on the presentation of record news, breaking news in the field, interviews with bands, answers to letters, contests etc. The global “rock” agenda is also reviewed, but also indigenous, and in each edition the interactivity is done by telephone, chat and sms.

All the audio material released at Studio Rock is received from Western record companies, with a period prior to its worldwide release, and periodically the summary also contains excerpts from the interviews I took from  foreign artists. Periodically, the Romanian bands are promoted, especially those from the new wave.

Studio Rock has taken care over the years and it has brought to light most of the Romanian bands that appeared after 1990, it offered prizes to the most important rock events in Romania and presented to the Romanian public, for the first time on the radio stations in Romania, the latest record news. I would like to mention that all the products that entered live are extracted from the albums  received periodically from international record labels, important names in the rock area (AFM Records, Nuclear Blast, Metal Blade, Massacre Records, Century Media, Napalm Records, SPV), mentioned Laurentiu Lenti Chiriac!

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