Timishort kicks off, consistent Polish presence

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The eighth edition of Timishort short film festival is kicking off tomorrow, October 6 to last until Sunday, October 9.

The festival will enjoy a consistent Polish presence, the Polish Institute in Bucharest informs. A short film in the international competition, a visiting festival, Short Waves Festival coming from Poznań and the screening of a silent movie, “The Mark of Zorro” whose soundtrack will be performed live by Kochankowie Gwiezdnych Przestrzeni band. Moreover, one of the jury’s members is Szymon Stemplewski, the Short Waves Festival director.

Several Polish movies are scheduled on Saturday, October 8, as of 4 p.m., at Timis Cinema, 7 Victoriei Square.

“Home/Dom” animation film directed by Agnieszka Borowa in 2014. The heroine of this austere animation focuses on a house built from memories, but in order to advance, it must overpass its past.

“The End of the World/ Koniec świata” is a documentary directed by Monika Pawluczuk last year. Two stories are blending around one narration during one single night. In a big city, many people are united by one need: distressed by loneliness, they want to communicate with somebody.

“Small room syndrome” is an experimental movie directed by Natalia Wilk in 2014, which focuses on the narrow apartment of the Polish provincialism. It’s a kitchen story from one of the many apartments in the communist blocks of flats.

“Grandma’s Day / Dzień babci”, directed by Miłosz Sakowski last year tells the story of Tomek who needs money. He decides to cheat on an old woman, using “the grandson method”. Unexpectedly, things turn upside down when the old lady exposes  Tomek and locks him in the apartment.

The international competition is scheduled also on October 8 at the same venue, with a Polish film competing as of 8 p.m. “The Deal/ Umowa” a Poland-UK co-production directed by Ewa Smyk last year.

It is a still animation about the marriage arrangements in the 50s-60s, at Poland’s eastern border. The script is based on the diary of Mikołaj Smyk, the director’s grandfather. The movie is a personal meditation over family memories, while representing a journey through the archives.

The silent movie “Mark of Zorro” screening is scheduled at the National Theatre (2 Marasesti Street) in Timisoara on Saturday at 10 p.m. The film directed by Fred Niblo and starring Douglas Fairbanks in 1920 is the first film depicting Zorro’s adventures.

Kochankowie Gwiezdnych Przestrzeni band will perform live the film’s soundtrack. The Polish band combines funk with reggae and rock garage with the psychedelic rock of the 70s.

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