Top 5 Restaurants in Budapest You’ve Got to Try Right Now

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Museums and libraries can reveal a lot about a city’s past, but you learn about a city’s culture by tasting its cuisine. American cuisine is a blend of foods from various places, just like the country is a melting pot of various people. South East Asian cuisine implements lots of spices like paprika and cardamom. These spices were pivotal trade items for many Southeast Asian cultures and still are to this day.

Budapest is a great place to taste Hungarian cuisine. This city has five-star fine dining restaurants, to low-key Mom and Pop establishments, and everything in between. Budapest is the capital of Hungary, and it’s one of the largest cities in the land. Such a massive place has dozens, if not hundreds of restaurants that are open for business.

As much as we’d like to, we can’t visit all of those places in one trip. But, we can check out the top 5 restaurants in Budapest. Budapest really has a ton of fantastic restaurants, but the following five all stand out in more ways than one. We’ll have to travel far to reach some of these establishments, so you should definitely store your backpacks and bags before heading out.

Bors GasztroBar

The first stop on our list is Bors GasztroBar, a place where you can find great food and exciting drinks for reasonable prices. Bors started off as a low-key restaurant, but has gradually become more popular over time. That popularity hasn’t gone to this restaurant’s head though — it still has an extremely friendly, low-key vibe.

The menu at this gastro bar is simply mouth watering; they’ve got crispy baguettes, chunky soups, and a smorgasbord of succulent sandwiches. Bors puts the “bar” in gastrobar by serving a wide array of alcoholic beverages. They also serve frosty drinks like iced coffee and even a few milkshakes.

It’s no surprise that Bors has won tons of awards for its great food and great service. Bors is located in midtown Budapest, near Szimpla Kert. You check out Bors’ menu by visiting their Facebook page.

Comme Chez Soi

Are you in the mood for Mediteranean food? Then you’re really going to love Comme Chez Soi, an award winning family owned Mediteranean restaurant. Comme Chez Soi is located right beside the Danube river. This makes for some of the most romantic candlelit dinners we’ve ever seen. The food served at Comme Chez Soi is just as amazing as its atmosphere. Some of the items of the menu include:

  • Lemon sorbet served with wine pudding
  • Tasty goose liver served with crispy apples
  • Parma ham with butter, garlic bread, and free lemon cello
  • Grilled shrimp served with olive oil and garlic oil
  • Garlic steak cooked to perfection

Comme Chez Soi has a very inspired menu. You’ll find Italian dishes, Scillician specialities, Campania cuisine, and Hungarian favorites at this restaurant. Just talking about this restaurant is stirring up some fierce cravings. Stop by their website to see their entire menu and to book a reservation.

Caviar & Bull Budapest

The Caviar & Bull is a renowned restaurant chain with multiple locations. All of these establishments are great, but the Budapest location is one of the highest rate fine-dining restaurants in Hungary.

Marvin Gauci is the head chef of this restaurant. He and his team are committed to providing guests with unique and unforgettable dining experiences. The Caviar & Bull Budapest’s menu is divided into two sections; a “Contemporary” menu and a “Cosmopolitan” menu.

The Contemporary menu is very beefy. No, really we mean that; it has items like Oakwood Smoked Black Angus Capricio, Slow Cooked Angus Beef Blade, and Bull’s Tortelacci. The Cosmopolitan menu is a bit fishy, if you catch our drift; it has Cured Salmon with Applewood, King Prawns in “Ancient Tempura,” Gauci’s Signature “Lobster Popcorn,” and Artisan Salmon Tortellacci.

As you can see, the Caviar & Bull Budapest has a very creative menu. Words and photos can only do so much justice to these dishes. You need to stop by this establishment and have a taste for yourself.

Lucky 7 Burgers

We weren’t going to talk about the top 5 restaurants in Budapest without shouting out at least one burger joint. Lucky 7 Burgers is easily our pick for the best burgers in Budapest. You want to talk about creativity? Lucky 7 Burgers serves burgers and sandwiches that you’ve never seen before! Some of our favorites include”

  • The Zombie Burger: two patties, two homemade buns, bacon sauce, and mac n’ cheese
  • The Maui Sandwich: pulled pork with homemade Cola BBQ sauce
  • The signature Lucky 7 Burger: two beef patties, homemade buns, cheddar cheese, fresh veggies, and homemade ranch

We’ve only scratched the surface of what this place has to offer. Seriously, we’ve never seen a menu like this before. We almost forgot to mention that Lucky 7 Burgers is famous for their shakes too. They’ve got Chocolate Cake shakes, Forrest Fruit Cake shakes, and other kinds of sweet treats. This is easily one of our favorite burger joints.


We’re going Greek with the last stop on our list, as in the Mazi Greek Kitchen. What you see is what you get at Mazi — savory Greek dishes for a very fair price. Mazi’s menu is a sight to savor.  Some of our favorite dishes included:

  • The Lamb and Veal Mini Kebabs
  • The Grilled Octopus with fava puree and truffle oil
  • The Spinach Risotto with seared calamari, lemon, and spring onion
  • The Grilled Lamb Chops with potatoes, pita bread, and tzatziki
  • The Baklava served with homemade ice cream

Budapest has quite a few Greek and Mediteranean restaurants, and all of them are amazing in their own right. However, Mazi stands head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to Greek cuisine. We encourage you to stop by Mazi’s website to see everything that’s on their menu and make a reservation ASAP.

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