Ukraine wins Eurovision Song Contest 2022

The Kalush Orchestra will auction off the Eurovision Song Contest to help the Ukrainian army.


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By Kevin Sherwin.


On a very emotional night in Turin,Ukraine wins the 66th Eurovision Song Contest. The contest was invented in 1956 to unite Europe in song and it did just that as all of Europe united in support of Ukraine and its people. So we bring the curtain down on Turin and a contest that had everything from dramas, tears emotions and of course plenty of surprises.

The Kalush Orchestra has announced that it will auction off the Eurovision trophy won on Saturday, with the proceeds going to a foundation that helps the Ukrainian army and Ukraine, reports.


“We plan to put the trophy up for auction and donate all the money to a foundation that helps the armed forces and Ukraine. We are going to choose one. Many people are already making donations from abroad, and perhaps even more would like to donate. And that will motivate them. It will benefit Ukraine,” said Oleh Psiuk, the band’s leader.

“The participation of Ukraine in the largest song competition of the year has never had such an excitement. The representative of Ukraine at the Eurovision song contest 2022 became Kalush Orchestra — a hip-hop group named after the Ukrainian city. Frontman Oleh Psiuk was born in Kalush, Ivano-Frankivsk region. In 2019, Psiuk gathered a musical group and gave it the name of his hometown. Also, Ukrainians the last did not know whether they would be able to take part in the competition because Russia attacked Ukraine,good-time-invest-com reports.

Congratulations must go to the Israeli singer Michael Ben David who unfortunately didn’t qualify to the Grand Final but announced his retirement engagement during Eurovision week. He did however get reprimanded because during the Semi Final he ran up to one of the male hosts and tried to kiss him, newspaper reports claimed that because of that Israel were disqualified from  the contest something the European Broadcasting Union later denied.

We had drama at the red carpet opening ceremony where the North Macedonian singer threw the Macedonian flag to the ground, something that is taken as disrespectful in their country and now they have announced that North Macedonia will not take part in Eurovision 2023.

Romania for the first time since 2017 qualified for the Grand Final, I watched him at the Semi Final and he put 100% of effort and enthusiasm into his performance & he deserved to qualify.

At his press conference after his Semi Final-qualification he praised his dancers and his team and hoped that this would spark more interest in Romanians wanting to try to represent their country in Eurovision. Unfortunately he scored low in the Jury votes but scored more votes from the public finishing 18th overall.

Our hosts for the 3 shows were Mika, Laura Pausini and Alessandro Cattelan who did a great job and as is usual for all Eurovision hosts they sang and fell in love with each other!

Nobody on the night finished with zero points but the poor guy from Switzerland did receive 0 points from the public and he did look very close to tears in the green room because of that.

Biggest surprise of the night was Moldova only 14 votes from the jury’s but 239 on the public vote making them second with the public behind Ukraine.

France and Germany finished in the bottom 2, not for the first time they’ve finished well down the scoreboard, that place is usually reserved for the United Kingdom but this year they finished second and actually won the jury votes.

Sam Ryder did an amazing performance and now  the U.K. have come second a record 16 times.

Not far behind the U.K. were Spain and Sweden but finishing in 5th place after getting 225 votes from the public was Serbia, not bad for a woman who spent 3 minutes on stage washing her hands.

The final result of Eurovision 2022

So the big question now is where will Eurovision 2023 take place? The President of Ukraine has already went public by announcing he’d love the contest to take place in his country perhaps In  Mariupol as a tribute to the brave people there.

Personally I think the U.K. should host, the history books will say Ukraine won the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest but the United Kingdom should be proud of what they have achieved in 12 months and going from last to runner up.

So that brings to a close Eurovision 2022, see you next year somewhere in Europe!

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