Ukrainian mezzo-soprano Maria Berezovska performed in “Lohengrin” at the Bucharest National Opera


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Ukrainian mezzo-soprano Maria Berezovska, soloist of Opera in Kyiv, who fled the war and took refuge in Poland, has performed on Sunday evening on the stage of the Bucharest National Opera as a guest in the role of Ortrud in Richard Wagner’s “Lohengrin”.

The Bucharest National Opera showed “its unconditional support for the Ukrainian artists and people”, and in these difficult times it treceived with all the openness and support the mezzo-soprano Maria Berezovska to perform on stage with the soloists of the first lyrical scene.

The staging of Richard Wagner’s “Lohengrin”, one of the most sought-after operas of a lyrical theater and imposing a high standard of artistic quality, is a celebration in itself for any opera in the world.

“The reunion of the supernatural and the human face and the inability of it to stand the test of time”  is the way Richard Wagner described the work “Lohengrin”, inspired by the epic of Wolfram von Eschenbach and the “Swan Knight” by Conrad von Wurzburg.

The next performance of the show will take place on Saturday, April 30, starting at 18:00. Tickets on and from the Ticket Office of the Bucharest National Opera.

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