Underground reading campaign kicks off in Bucharest. Where do Romanians like to read?

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Bucharesters who will be caught reading on the subway during July 18-22 will be granted a book within the first edition of the “Book in the tube” conducted by Litera publishing house and Metrorex.

Litera volunteers will be seen at the subway from Monday to Friday, from 09:00 to 11:00 on tap line 2: Pipera — Berceni — Pipera, according to the publish house’s press release.

Some of the best titles will be offered to readers: modern classics, contemporary classics, Agatha Christie, Nobel winners, Buzz Books and so on.

According to a study by Litera publishing house, Romanians mostly prefer to read at home (43%), in the open air (17%) and in front of the PC (10%).

They would rather read in the bathroom and in public transportation vehicles then in libraries, cafes or bookshops.

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