Unique concert on mountaintop. Violinist Alexandru Tomescu performed Paganini on the Bucegi Plateau


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A unique concert took place in the Bucegi Mountains, at an altitude of over 2 thousand meters. The Stradivarius International Tournament – “Paganini Magic” ended in front of the Caraiman chalet. Dozens of tourists attended the concert given by the violinist Alexandru Tomescu, with the Stradivarius Elder-Voicu violin, and by the guitarist Dragoş Ilie.

Alexandru Tomescu with the Stradivarius violin Elder-Voicu and the guitarist Dragoş Ilie ended the 15th edition of the Stradivarius International Tour – “Paganini Magic” with a concert organized on Saturday on the plateau in front of the Caraiman Chalet in the Bucegi Mountains, at an altitude of over 2,000 m .

The most valuable and inspired sonatas of Niccolo Paganini were heard for the first time in the Bucegi Mountains, at an altitude of 2,025 m, on the Stradivarius Elder-Voicu violin, an object of national heritage, the plateau in front of Cabana Caraiman being transformed into a a real open-air concert hall, with over 500 spectators enjoying the music and the beautiful view.

“Paganini Magic” took place from June 26 to July 16, covered over 4,000 km and gathered over 10,000 spectators in a number of 16 concerts. The tour started in Oradea, on June 26, at the Greek-Catholic Cathedral “Saint Nicholas”, continued on June 27 in Bădăcin / Sălaj-Memorial House “Iuliu Maniu”, followed by Satu-Mare / Philharmonic “Dinu Lipatti” (28 June), Bistriţa / Cramele Jelna (June 30), Siret / Suceava – Roman Catholic Church (July 1), Mihăileni / Botoşani – Cultural Center (July 2), Iaşi / Palace of Culture – Voivodes’ Hall (July 3), Ghimeş – Făget / Bacău – Roman Catholic Church (July 5), Brasov / Black Church (July 6), Sibiu / Brukenthal Museum (July 7), Sebeş / Lutheran Reformed Cathedral (July 8,), Târgu-Jiu – Endless Column Park of Brâncuşi (July 10), Bucharest – “Saint Joseph” Cathedral (July 12), Bucharest, Radio Hall (July 13), Cărtureşti Carousel (July 14). The last concert took place on July 16 at Cabana Caraiman in the Bucegi Mountains.

The show “Paganini Magic” presented Centone di Sonate, op. 64, MS 112 – six sonatas for violin and classical guitar and lasted 75 minutes. And this year, the Stradivarius International Tournament was dedicated to a cause of public interest – the support of young Ukrainian artists affected by the war.

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