UNTOLD 2023 ends: Armin van Burren on stage until 8 a.m. Imagine Dragons writes history in Romania

Over 420,000 fans celebrated for 4 days and 4 nights the eight chapter of the UNTOLD magic story.


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The eighth edition of UNTOLD, has come to an end, with Armin van Burren mixing on stage until 8.00, and spectators staying with him, in this morning extension of the festival. Young people from all over the world sang and danced until exhaustion for 4 days and 4 nights with their favorite artists.

David Guetta and Armin van Buuren closed UNTOLD 2023

On the last day of the festival in the heart of Cluj, names such as Vama, Puya, Paraziții, but also the established and much-awaited David Guetta and Armin van Buuren (two of the best DJs in the world) took the stage.

Guetta (55 years old) was the one who opened the late-night show at Cluj Arena (at one o’clock), and Armin van Buuren (46 years old) was the one who ended the eighth edition of the festival UNTOLD (started the show at 03:00).

The Dutch DJ was on stage for over five hours, with Armin’s show ending after 8 o’clock. “It was an amazing night, thank you so much. Don’t forget to dream, we will meet again soon”, said Armin van Buuren to those present at eight in the morning at the Cluj Arena.

Grammy Award winner Sam Martin was one of Armin’s surprises for festival fans. The artist of American origin performed “My Wild Wild Son”, “Miles Away” and “Mask” live.

Israeli artist Noa Zulu seems an unreal presence, perhaps because of the instrument that established her, the didgeridoo, a musical instrument whose sound is produced by the circular breathing technique. This technique allows him to generate resonant sounds, and Cluj-Arena experienced a premiere audio experience, a combination of psy-trance and this unique instrument, the didgeridoo. The exclusive version for the hit “The Tribe” was another gift from Armin van Buuren and his guest Noa Zulu.

The last night of the UNTOLD festival was dedicated to the biggest names in the electronic music industry. One of the biggest DJs in the world, the creator of the FUTURE RAVE style, the French David Guetta who amazed his fans, who came from more than 100 countries of the world, with an incredible show full of emotion, during which he declared his gratitude to the moment he lives on the mainstage of the UNTOLD festival.  “It’s incredible! I have been here since the first edition, I was impressed, but today I live this beautiful madness with you! UNTOLD has grown so much. I love you, I appreciate you and thank you for being with me tonight,” Guetta said, visibly moved. For 60 minutes, the tens of thousands of fans at Cluj-Arena were in a carousel of sounds, from classic productions (“Love Is Gone”, “I Got A Feeling”, “Titanium”) to on the newest tracks released with the FUTURE RAVE project, “Something To Hold On To”, “Lost in The Rhythm”, “Permanence” or “You Can’t Change Me” generated total euphoria and conveyed the Frenchman’s love for music and for UNTOLD fans.

Third day

On the third day of the festival, over 110,000 fans celebrated with their favorite artists, music and the joy of being with friends.

The number 1 DJ in the world, Martin Garrix, generated a huge euphoria on Cluj-Arena. The Dutchman’s live set was pure energy from the first measure to the last. With remix versions, made especially for the UNTOLD show, or with newly released productions, Garrix thanked the fans in Romania. With an extraordinary passion for music and gratitude for the fans who are with him every time, Garrix electrified the atmosphere on the UNTOLD mainstage. With a set that included “In The Name Of Love”, “Higher Ground”, “Animals”, “Hurricane” or the festival anthem “High On Life”, Garrix generated a total visual spectacle. It was a moment that transformed Cluj Arena into a unique universe, the universe of UNTOLD – The World Capital of Night and Magic!

With an impressive track record, the artist behind the success of “Unforgettable”, a single with over 1.657 billion listens on Spotify, French Montana aka Frenchy aka Macaroni with the cheese aka Frenchington took to the UNTOLD festival mainstage for the first time for a packed live show of energy, in which everyone in Cluj-Arena sang and danced. The American rapper and his team were impressed by the audience they discovered in Romania. The tens of thousands of fans on the mainstage sang in unison to the most famous songs of French Montana, who invited two girls from the audience on stage for a twerk session.

Second day

The second day of the journey into the magical world of the UNTOLD universe was an absolutely extraordinary experience for the more than 115,000 enthusiastic fans of the festival, who came from more than 100 countries around the world. In a fascinating show, the UNTOLD mainstage metamorphosed into a huge realm of joy and intense emotions, which everyone present experienced alongside the world’s greatest artists.

The live show of the band Imagine Dragons, the most anticipated moment of this year’s edition of the UNTOLD festival, was from another dimension. It was a journey into a world where the only thing that mattered was the connection between people, music and emotion, with all barriers between artist and audience fading away.

The members of Imagine Dragons gave it their all on stage, and Dan Reynolds’ impressive voice brought emotion and authenticity to every song performed. “Radioactive”, “Demons”, “Enemy”, “Thunder”, “Bad Liar”, “Believer”, “Whatever It Takes”, “Bones”, “Natural”, “Follow You” or “Walking The Wire”, every piece brought people together, regardless of age or culture, children, teenagers, adults, everyone sang. Tens of thousands of voices joined the band, and the moment was truly magical.

There was excitement in the audience, but also on stage. Dan Reynolds, lead singer of Imagine Dragons, was overwhelmed by the energy of the UNTOLD fans, before whom he bowed: “We love you! Thank you for this moment and for being together. The only thing that matters is love, you gave it to us!”

Dan Reynolds, Daniel Platzman, Wayne Sermon and Ben Mckee, members of the band Imagine Dragons, managed to be incredible, and at the end of the show they bowed in front of tens of thousands of festival fans.

The organizers of UNTOLD have officially launched the possibility of registration for the 2024 edition.

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