Vintage toys on display at Bran Castle

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Rare replicas of German vintage cars, dating back in the 1920s, cock horses, dolls, rocking chairs and chairs for children, a 80-year-old tricycle, a similar model also owned by King Mihai of Romania in his childhood, a buggy for twins but also a potty from the inter-war period can be admired at an exhibition hosted by the Bran Castle.

The exhibits go back to the 1900 and before, revealing true genre jewelry. The vintage collection’s owners, Ramona and Marian Spătariu, have been collecting old toys since their childhood, most of them coming from Brașov area or from southern country.

“The oldest toy on display is a child playing the violin. Turn on by a key, the toy starts moving copying the little violinist’s moves. It’s still working, although it has been made around 1880,” reads a press release issued by the Bran Castle’s administration.

The antiquary says he had been searching for these items for many years, all over the places, at fairs, exhibitions or his relatives’ houses and lofts. Marian Spătariu says they are not for sale.

The exhibition is open until April, with the prices of the tickets ranging from RON 35 for adults, RON 25 for seniors, RON 20 for students and RON 7 for children.

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