WaterLear, the unique underwater exhibition in Iasi

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Iasi was the host of an unprecedented photo exhibition early this month: WaterLear, displaying photos featuring actors and scenes from the King Lear theatre performance played at Bucharest National Theatre (TNB). Photos are made by Florin Ghioca,  TNB’s official photographer.

Among the actors and actresses in the photography exhibition there are Marius Manole, Mihai Constantin, Crina Semciuc, Monica Davidescu, Raluca Aprodu, Istvan Teglas, Ioan Andrei Ionescu and Tudor Istodor.

Photographer Florin Ghioca is famous for his unique photo projects aimed at challenging the audience.

The exhibition is about the theatre photography, about the underwater world and the silence that allows us to look at some extremely emotional photos. There are 15 photos featuring great actors of TNB performing in the King Lear theatre play. There are unique moments caught on camera, with actors filming in some water pools with <a rain> coming down on them,” photographer Florin Ghioca explained.

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