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Thousands of locals and tourists are expected to attend the new air show in Tuzla during this weekend. Organizers estimate there will be more than 16,000 spectators.

“Aeromania” event due on Saturday, July 4, will include air acrobatic elements performed by internationally renowned pilots, rock music performances and a retro cars show.

However the opening   event takes place on July 2 when an impressive 1.7-kilometr race is scheduled on the coast road between Saturn and Venus seaside resorts, with a luxury car, two motorbikes, an acrobatics plane and a helicopter as the main contenders.

Among the famous pilots who confirmed their presence there are Yak?rii Acrobats with three YAK 52 aircrafts, Jurgis Kairys with Juka, Turkish pilot Ali Ozturk flying a Pitts S-2 “Purple Violet” biplane, the National Acrobatics Team, with five Extra 300 and Extra 300 L aircrafts and MIG 21 Lancer supersonics.

Romania Aeroclub and Hawks of Romania comprising seven Blue Wings sky divers will also join the show. The hot-air balloon of Romania’s Aeroclub will lure the audience with its impressive carriage.

Among the bands that will perform on Saturday there are Taxi, Desant, The R.O.C.K. and Mihai Margineanu.

The evening will end as usually with the most-expected pyrotechnic show performed by four planes acting as the Air Bandits.

The entrance is free, but VIP tickets will be also available with prices ranging from RON 50 to RON 850. The tickets enable the access in the front line, while other services are included: the bars reserved area, flights and parachute jumps.

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