Which are the first museums to re-open in Bucharest?

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Romania’s National Museum of Art (MNAR) is re-opening this Wednesday, May 20, and it is welcoming visitors precisely on the day that it celebrates 70 years since its inauguration.

The museum is though resuming activity under strict protection measures.

The Ministry of Culture has issued a minister decree mentioning the measures that museums must take to protect visitors and the staff:

  • the access to the permanent art galleries will be available through two main gates (A1 and A4), with separate ways, one for the entrance and for exit.
  • the access to the Museum of Art Collections is available through B entrance and the exit through the A body.
  • at the entrance there is a disinfection area for visitors.
  • visitors cannot form groups larger than 3 people, except for the families with two or more children.
  • both visitors and the museum staff must wear protection facemasks to cover their mouth and nose. An employee of the museum will check the visitors’ temperature. People who refuse to have their temperature checked will not be allowed in the museum.
  • routes through the museum will be marked through guideline signs. At the same time, the museum staff will guide visitors through the museum.
  • if the number of visitors will exceed 50% of its capacity, the museum’s courtyard will serve as waiting area for visitors.
  • no exhibitions, guided tours and educational programmes will be held during the pandemic.

The museum will have a temporary programme: from Wednesday through Sunday, during 11:00hrs- 17:00hrs. Address: 49-53 Calea Victoriei, Bucharest.

MNAR’s satellite museums Theodor Pallady and K.H. Zambaccian remain closed for the time being.

Set up in 1948, Romania’s National Art Museum  (MNAR) is hosted by the former Royal Palace of Romania and it owns the richest Romania and world art patrimony in the country, while developing exclusive tours and events. Virtual tours were also available for free on the museum’s website.

MNAR also hosted a multisensory tour of the European Art Gallery comprising three multimedia wide-sized apps, tactile replicas, textile samples, “a sound library” and “an olfactory library” dedicated to visual and hearing impaired.

MNAR received TripAdvisor excellence certificate in 2015 for the second year in a row due to visitors’ favorable reviews in 2014. TripAdvisor prize is awarded following the qualitative analysis of those who visited MNAR, while reflecting the institution’s positive image.

MNIR also re-opens

Another museum in Bucharest to open its gates is the Romanian National Museum of History (MNIR), which will re-open on May 20, also with a temporary schedule in store: from Wednesday to Sunday from 10:00hrs to 18:00hrs.

100 people have access at the same time in the museum, but the visit for each person/group will be limited to 2 hours at the most.

The access of groups will be every 5 minutes; people and groups that made reservations by phone or e-mail in advance have priority.

The museum halls will be cleaned and disinfected during 13:00hrs-14:00hrs every day.

MNIR has been inaugurated in 1972 and is another representative institution for the Romanian culture. The museum is hosted in a historical monument building in Bucharest (12 Calea Victoriei), known in the past as the Post Palace.

The building was erected during 1894-1899 based on the plans of architect Al. Săvulescu (1847–1902), who had the Federal Post Palace in Geneva as source of inspiration.

MNIR has a rich patrimony including over 650,000 exhibit pieces on display in different collections: ceramics, lapidarium-tegularium, numismatic, philately, medals and seals, treasury, manuscripts, prints, fine art, deco art, historical photo archive, maps, stamps, arms and equipment, textiles and furniture.

The museum has currently two big exhibitions opened for the public: Historical Treasury and Lapidarium- the Replica of Trajan’s Column, as well as some temporary exhibitions: The Gold of the Chinese emperors. Royal jewelry from Wanli period, Ming dynasty, Dong Bo Zhai Collection, 1989-30 years after..., as well as a small display:Omnia Amor Vincit! The avatars of  Loves of  Yesteryear.

MNIR representatives reported that during th e second month of lockdown imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic (April 14-May 14), the museum has 89,804 online visitors.

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