Which cocktail is the most searched in Romania?

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A new study, conducted by Cruise Croatia, has revealed the most searched for cocktail in every country of the world… and, in Romania, the winner is the Mojito!

However, the research found that the Mojito is the most popular cocktail in the world, with over half (56%) of countries around the world searching for the blend of white rum, mint, sugar, lime and soda water more than any other concoction. An old Cuban original, it’s minty, citrusy, and refreshing.

Another firm favourite after the Mojito is the timeless Martini, which featured 42 times across the data. The authors of the study argue that there is a reason the Martini is such a popular drink: “it is stylish, refreshing, timeless and the gin and vermouth mix can be drunk either as an early-evening aperitif, post-dinner digestif or midday tipple.”

Following the Martini in popularity is the Mimosa. Composed of champagne and chilled citrus juice – usually orange, the cocktail is traditionally served in a tall champagne flute at brunch, weddings, or as part of the business or first class service on some passenger railways and airlines.

As the map above shows, the classic Mojito pretty much stole the show. So we also found out which was the second most popular cocktail after the white rum-based tipple…

While some cocktails are simply just tasty concoctions whipped up on the spot, others are entwined with a country’s culture.

A perfect example is the Aperol Spritz. The Italian cocktail is built around Aperol, a semi-sweet, slightly bitter, 11% aperitif from northern Italy. It is an easy 3-2-1 mix of three parts prosecco, two parts Aperol, and one splash of soda water – and there you have it, Italy’s (unofficial) national drink.

However, the Aperol Spritz is not just drunk in Italy; its popularity has spread out into nearby countries with the bright orange tipple ranking second for search volume in Slovenia, Luxembourg, Romania, Hungary, Finland, Switzerland, Denmark, Poland and Slovenia.

What’s more, the first map revealed that Ukraine, Malta, Greece, Germany and Lithuania all searched for Aperol Spritz more than any other cocktail.

Interestingly, the Aperol Spritz was not the most searched for – or even the second most searched for – cocktail in its native country, with the Mimosa securing first place and the Mojito taking second. But maybe with the orange cocktail featuring on pretty much every drinks list in Italy, residents are looking to sip on something else for a change.

Pulling away from the rest of the continent with regards to their taste in tipples is the United Kingdom and Ireland, with both countries searching for the Espresso Martini above anything else. The ideal caffeine pick-me-up to fill that happy hour void, the UK averages 75,000 monthly searches alone for the cocktail.

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