White Night of the Art Galleries opens the gates of hundreds cultural venues in Bucharest and other cities

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69 museums, art galleries, foreign cultural centres, art hubs and alternative spaces will open their gates within the 13 edition of the White Night of  the Art Galleries- NAG 2019 in Bucharest today, October 11.

Outside the Capital, other 87 cultural venues in such cities as Alba Iulia, Arad, Braşov, Cluj Napoca, Craiova, Iaşi, Miercurea Ciuc, Petrila, Reşiţa, Sfîntu Gheorghe, Sibiu, Târgu Mureş and Timişoara are also ready to welcome their visitors in a most-expected event of the contemporary culture in Romania of this autumn.

Organisers say that “the NAG programme’s diversity is providing the audience with the possibility of discovering the contemporary culture in all its diversity, from fine arts to performative arts, from music and film to galleries or works directly displayed in the artists’ studios.”

To mark superstition, the 13th edition’s visual made by Răzvan Cornici “is sprinkled with nefarious clues”.

“The entire illustration is inspired by horse racing, a very popular game across the amusement parks, especially on the seaside. NAG is a race, as one is running like a madman to see as many things as possible. The boxer is the fighter, the character  who has been defeated for years but who is coming back with a new exhibition thought to be the one. The luchador is the curator. He sees everything, knows everything and shots everything. The biker is the new gallery, which is trying to raise the roof with an exhibition full of concept and hi-tech”.

The full programme is available here.

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