Who is accompanying Nigel Kennedy at the upcoming gig in Bucharest?


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In less than a week renowned British violinist Nigel Kennedy is coming back to perform in Romania again: BACH MEETS KENNEDY MEETS GERSHWIN, at Sala Palatului in Bucharest, Monday, October 8, as of 8 p.m.

Nigel Kennedy will be accompanied by Rolf Bussalb (guitar), Doug Boyle (guitar), Peter Adams (cello) and Piotr Kulakowski (bass).

We remind music lovers that Nigel Kennedy has recently launched a new studio album  “Kennedy Meets Gerswhin” where the artist is turning the moving journey of Gershwin’s music into a unique and fascinating vocal collection. You will be able to listen to Summertime, Rhapsody In (Claret &) Blue, They Can’t Take That Away From Me,  Porgy and Bess, etc.


The Gershwin stamp has been definitely left by Stéphane Grappelli while Nigel was 13,14 years old. He showed him that jazz can be also be performed on violin.


The gates of the concert will open at 18:30, with the show starting at 8 p.m.

I have dedicated myself to the interpretation of  the Bach solo sonatas for violin ever since I was a teenager. This music has a meditational focus and is also good for keeping my hands in shape for playing the violin. I have always hated yoga ever since my Menuhin school days. For a while, table tennis was the only “sport” we were allowed to play at the school – so when Yehudi brought a guru of appalling girth to demonstrate on our table tennis table and his lack of Lightness of Being forced our table into a useless concave shape that was it for me and yoga as far as I was concerned. Luckily Bach seems to do a lot more for me than the imaginary benefits people seem to think they get from their Western abuse of yoga. I will choose between the more intense G-Minor sonata No. 1 or the happier dance forms of the E-Major partita No. 3 depending on what particular vibe I get off you lot when we’re in the hall. The performance will come straight from my living room to you.

Until recently I always hated Gershwin, and buying Ella & Satchmo Sing Gershwin didn’t redress my problem, what with their sycophantic pandering to a white middle class American audience. Then I realised the obvious, what was even more horrible was the bellowing and shrieking from those classical or semi-classical voices “singing” the songs from the stage versions. However, I had inadvertently heard these songs many times and loved them during my school days apprenticeship with Stephane Grappelli. The songs of the Gershwins have so much pathos, charm, flavour and craft that it will be a joy to play them for you tonight,” mentioned Nigel Kennedy for the Romanian audience.

For over twenty-five years, British violinist, Nigel Kennedy, has been acknowledged as one of the world’s leading virtuosos. His unique talent and mass appeal have brought fresh perspectives to both the classical and contemporary repertoire and he is the best-selling classical violinist of all time.

From a young age, as Yehudi Menuhin’s most famous protégé, he studied at the Menuhin School (where it emerged, following Menuhin’s death, that the legendary violinist had personally financed the young Kennedy throughout his education at the school) before moving to the Juilliard School of Music in New York to study under celebrated teacher, Dorothy DeLay.

During his career, Nigel Kennedy has undertaken countless international tours, performing with the world’s leading orchestras and conductors throughout Europe, North America, Central and South America, South East Asia and Australia.

Major debuts have included London’s Royal Festival Hall in 1977, the Berlin Philharmonic in 1980, his New York orchestral debut in 1987, France in 2004 and Russia in 2012.

Nigel Kennedy has attracted an enormous amount of worldwide media attention throughout an extraordinary career and his international television appearances have been wide and varied. He has given public and private performances for members of the British royal family and has also been presented with many awards including Outstanding Contribution to British Music and Male Artist of the Year at the UK Brit Awards; in France a Vivement Dimanche Gold Award, numerous Echo Awards; in the USA Grammy Awards; Bambi in Germany and Switzerland’s Gold Rose of Montreux.



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