Who is the Romanian director to present 3 films at Berlinale this year?

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Film director Radu Jude is the first Romanian to present three productions at the upcoming Berlin International Film Festival this year.

Tipografic majuscul” (Uppercase Print) and “Iesirea trenurilor din gara” (The Exit of The Trains) movies directed by Radu Jude will have the international premiere in the Forum section of the 70th edition of the Berlin Film Festival due from February 20 to March 1.

It is the first time that a Romanian director has two films selected in the same section.

Radu Jude will also take part in the Berlinale Co-Production Market with the feature film project “Somnambulii” (Sleepwalkers).

photo credit Silviu Ghetie

Tipografic Majuscul” will hit theaters in Romania on February 21, tells two stories encompassing two histories. One is the real story of the teenager Mugur Calinescu, who, in 1981, wrote with chalk on walls a series of texts against the communist dictatorship of Nicolae Ceausescu. His story is staged as reconstructed by Gianina Carbunariu from his Securitate (communist secret police – ed.n.) file. The second is the official story of Romania: images from the National Television archive, from those times.

 “Ieşirea trenurilor din gară” is an editing film completely made of archive photographs and documents related to the Pogrome in Iasi in June 1941. The first part of the film consists of photographs of the victims, accompanied by the soundtrack of statements and testimonies about their fate. The second part is a footage of the actual photos of the Pogrome, some of them unique. The screenplay and direction are signed by Radu Jude and historian Adrian Cioflanca.

“Somnambulii“, the latest fiction project written by Radu Jude and produced by Ada Solomon, is a comedy about body, sex, technology and society. Shooting will kick off this summer, with Katia Pascariu starring as  the leading actress.

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