Who won the 2020 Animest Trophy?

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Animation short film ‘And Then the Bear’ directed by Agnes Patron has won the Animest Trophy at the 15th edition of the International Animation Festival, with the jury considering it as “close to perfection.”

The awards gala took place in a special ceremony broadcast in the Virtual Cinema section of the festival.

Other awards

Audience Award – ‘He Can’t Live without Cosmos’ – Konstantin Bronzit (Russia 2019)

Best Documentary – ‘Souvenir Souvenir’ – Bastien Dubois (France 2020)

Special mention for short film – “Mad in Xpain’ – Coke Riobóo (Spain 2020)

Best Student Film – ‘The Bear Hunter’ – Yaka Hara (UK 2019)

Special mention for a student film – ‘Richie’ – Romane Granger (France 2019)

Best feature film – ‘Zero Impunity’ – Nicolas Blies, Stéphane Huebert-Blies, Denis Lambert (Luxembourg/France 2019)

Best Romanian film – ‘Invisibles – 4inaroom’ (Anna Florea, Aliona Ciobanu, Sandu Cojocari, Serban Ilicevici) (Romania 2020)

Special mention for a Romanian film – ‘End of the Line’ – Mihnea Vlad (Romania 2019)

Best video – ‘Joe Goes Hunting – Careful’ – Alice Saey (France/Netherlands 2020)

Best VR movie – ‘Minimum Mass’ – Raqi Syed, Areito Echevarria (France 2020)

Best Children’s short (Minimest) – ‘The Tomten and the Fox’ – Yaprak Morali, Are Austnes (Norway 2019)

Mention for a children’s short (Minimest) – ‘Meow Or Never’ – Neeraja Raj (UK 2020)

‘Pitch, please!’ winning project – ‘Happy New Year’ by Radu Gaciu

‘Pitch, please!’ special mention – Ana-Maria Gardescu’s ‘In Good Company’

Winner of the Animation Incubator – Maria Scutaru

Animation Incubator mention – Caterina Chereches

Animation Incubator mention – Alexandrina Moldovan

The latest animation short films of 2020 were broadcast exclusively online and, for the first time in the history of the event, they could be watched simultaneously from all over Romania.

The 15th edition of the International Animest Film Festival took place between November 9 and 15.

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