Wonder Coach: New Romanian Indie Film Debuts at Cannes Marche du Film


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Wonder Coach (CINE NU E GATA in Romanian), the new feature film directed by Florian Anghel, based on the novel of the same name written by Iulia Nani, represents a unique phenomenon in Romanian cinema, both by its “behind the scenes” and by the standards it tries to set from a creative point of view.

The production of this film is independent and financed by a group of over 30 professionals with dozens of films in their portfolio – Demiourgos Pictures, through blockchain technology. The audience also contributed to the film’s $500,000 budget, through various forms of crowdfunding, people who will also participate in the profits, being also official producers. Therefore, Wonder Coach is a landmark of innovation in the realization of a creative project in Romania, proposing to rewrite the rules of the game.

On May 18, from 2:00 p.m., the film will have a private screening at the Marche du Film in Cannes, with the aim of adding to the distribution already secured in the United States and the UK companies willing to distribute it in cinemas in the rest of the world.
What is the movie about? Victoria Lungu, an ambitious and capable woman, suffocated by the restrictive and inert corporate environment, reinvents her life, becoming a professional coach who is willing to break a lot of limits to help her clients, even with force if necessary. On the border between black comedy, drama and… a superhero film, CINE NU E GATA has a tailor-made cast, which includes Ioana Budu in the role of Victoria Lungu, Daniela Nane, Oltin Hurezeanu, Mihai Marinescu and Loredana Groza (who will also release a piece associated with the film).
“I was inspired by Lynch and Villeneuve to create the universe of Victoria Lungu. A dark, but seductive world. It is a product with which I am convinced that we will set completely different standards in Romanian film. We are the 3.0 generation of Romanian film,” said Florian Anghel, director and screenwriter, in Zile si Nopti magazine.
Following a refusal of funding received from the National Cinematography Center (CNC), Florian Anghel got even more fired up, gathering around him a creative and production team that is ready to stand next to landmarks of global cinema and redefine the way in which a contemporary Romanian film is shown and heard.
Producer Paul Arion is one of the best-known exponents of this team, an expert in digital effects, cinematographer and director who worked on films such as Dune (2021), Avengers: Endgame (2019) and Blade Runner 2049 (2017). The editing is made by Ovidiu Vacaru, known for Miami Bici (2020) and Miami Bici 2 (2023), and the scenography, which Florian Anghel sees as one of the most important and formidable aspects of the film, is made by Cristina Paula Ana Barbu – Manor House (2020), Death of Lord Lazarescu (2005). Final sound mixing will be done by a partner in Los Angeles.
Wonder Coach will enter the festival circuit between July and November – December 2024, followed by the release in cinemas in Romania, the USA and Europe, in February – May 2025.
Teaser here.
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