Works by famous Romanian painter Theodor Aman on display for the first time


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The Bucharest Museum is opening an exhibition with works by Romanian painter Theodor Aman that have never been on display so far. There are some paintings in pencil or pen that provided the basis for the artist’s concluded paintings.

The exhibition “Art as an exercise. Theodor Aman’s drawings” will open on Thursday, June 17, marking two important moments: the 190th anniversary of the artist’s birth ( March 20, 1831) and the commemoration of 130 years since his death (August 19, 1891).

The museum that now bears Aman’s name is hosted by the house that was built tight by him during 1868-1869 and it gathers the impressive collection of the family.

The drawings put on display in the upcoming exhibition cannot be seen on a permanent basis due to their precarious conservation condition or due to their fragile state, as they are drawings in pen or pencil, engraving printed during the artist’s life, watercolors.

The Theodor Aman Museum’s patrimony encompasses 35 drawings in pencil and 25 works in pen made by the artist.

The exhibition is available for visiting at Theodor Aman Museum, 8 C.A. Rosetti street in Bucharest, during June 17, 2021 till March 31, 2022.

Theodor Aman  was a Romanian painter, engraver and art professor, who mostly produced genre and history scenes.

In 1864, Aman and another painter Gheorghe Tattarescu convinced Romania’s ruler, Alexandru Ioan Cuza, to establish the “National School of Fine Arts” (now known as the Bucharest National University of Arts). Aman was appointed its first Director and held that position until his death in 1891.

In 1908 Aman’s house and workshop in Bucharest was converted into the Theodor Aman Museum in dedication to his life and works. The museum is one of the oldest memorial museums in Romania and houses a large number of Aman paintings. The exhibit ”Theodor Aman — painter and engraver” was inaugurated on March 24, 2011 at the Controceni National Museum. The exhibit  ”The mysteries of Theodor Aman’s painting,” was inaugurated at the Theodor Aman Museum on December 23, 2014.

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