World Music, Traditions and Food at the 2nd edition of the Embassies’ Festival

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The Embassies’ Festival, “Open Your Culture” hits the road in Bucharest with its second edition running August 29-September 4. Original cultural events from all around the world are to be hosted by Romexpo, Bucharest National Theatre and the Romanian Peasant Museum Cinema.

This year, the embassies’ festival is under the sign of the Family concept. Diplomatic missions, consulates, cultural institutes and multicultural organizations in Romania will unveil a fascinating ride in search of originality and authenticity which underlie the relations between cultures.

The festival’s programme includes world music concerts, traditional dances, ethnographic exhibitions, international cinema, world food market, handicraft, storytellings workshops, traditional cultural ceremonies, photo and fashion exhibitions, screenings, theatre and multicultural stories for children.

The Bucharest National Theatre will host in the World Art indoor area (visiting hours from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.) several contemporary and traditional art exhibitions as well as cultural ceremonies.

L’etranger, a traditional art exhibition concept will host multimedia installations, illustrations, live theatre performance, ethnographic and international patrimony handicraft and other traditional cultural ceremonies and workshops.

The Romanian Peasant Museum Cinema (August 31-September 3) will host film screenings from more than 12 countries, many of them presented for the first time in Romania.

The World Bazaar outdoor area of the Romexpo (September 2-4, from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m.) will host live music and dance performances as well as live cooking shows where restaurants will present the world cuisine diversity. The embassies will display at their stalls traditional handicraft, art and culture exhibitions, patrimony items, gastronomic specialities and many others.embassies' festival

The festival addresses to the wide audience, with free entrance available all through the events.

More embassies, foreign cultural institutes and associations area attending: South Africa, Algeria, Argentina, the European Parliament’s information office in Romania, the European-Panarabian Cultural Centre, China and the Confucius Institute, Cyprus, Congo, South Korea and Sarang Hanguk Cultural Association, Cuba, the United Arab Emirates, Italy and the “Vito Grasso” Italian Culture Institute, India and Rabindranath Tagore Cultural Institute, Indonesia and the Indonesian Cultural Centre, Jordan, “Angela Hondru” Romanian-Japanese Study Centre, Lithuania, Malaysia, Morocco, the International Organization for Migration, Palestine, Peru, the European Commission Representation to Romania, Republic of Moldova, Russia and the Russian Cente for Science and Culture, Syria, Spain, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Hungary, Uruguay, Yemen, the National Museum of the Romanian Peasant, ELLAS Ensemble (Greece), Asia Fest, the Stories’ Embassy in Transylvania and of course, the hosting country, Romania, which will have its own cultural programme.

The event is produced by ESCU Association.

Further details on the Festival are available at:

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