Writers from ten countries are coming to Timisoara literature festival this month

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Over 20 writers from ten countries are coming to Timisoara at the end of October for the sixth edition of the Timisoara International Literature Festival (FILTM). There will be public reading sessions, debates, dialogues with the readers, as well as an ample poetry marathon, bring together authors from the Central and South-eastern Europe and, as a first in Timisoara, the Literary Death Match.

The first two evenings of the festival take place in the Baroque Hall of the Museum of Art in Timisoara.

Two major Romanian writers, Gabriela Adamesteanu, the most translated Romanian contemporary author and Ion Vianu, one of the best Romanian psychiatrists at the moment, will come to Timisoara for a debate on history due on October 25, at 6 p.m.

Renowned Ukrainian poet Serhii Jadan, an Euro Maidan veteran, German writer of Polish origins, Matthias Nawrat, Moldovan author Tatiana Țîbuleac and Romanian Dan Lungu will “face” on October 26 to talk about history as a family story.cover FILTM literature

The third evening of the festival on October 27 proposes Timisoara readers an encounter with ten top names of the European poetry of today, within a marathon at the National Theatre in Timisoara. Participants: Robert Simonisek (Slovenia), Erdős Virág (Hungary), Tanja Stupar-Trifunović (Bosnia Herzegovina), Jovan Zivlak (Serbia), Jacek Dehnel (Poland) and Eugen Bunaru, Slavomir Gvozdenovici, Ana Dragu, Costel Stancu, Domnica Drumea from Romania.

The last evening brings a new format in Timisoara on October 28: the Literary Death Match, a successful project touring around the world. Designed as a box match, the Literary Death Match will see four authors “facing” on stage. They will read their creations, while a jury will evaluate them. After the first round, two competitors will remain in the fight, with the host Adrian Todd Zuniga proposing a secret test.

Let’s enjoy FILTM this year, it will not last for three days, but four, with a poetry marathon running (as it has never been so far), with a literary death match, with important names of the European literature facing readers,” said Robert Șerban, the FILTM President.


The Romania Journal is supporting the festival as media partner.

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