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27 embassies to Romania voice support for the LGBTI community

PSD is working on draft law on LGBT community

Speaking about the referendum on redefining the family concept, PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea said on Monday that PSD is working on a draft law to legislate the civil partnership regarding the LGBT community.

As we don’t have a referendum law yet, we cannot talk about an action plan for we have no date set for this referendum to redefine family. So, the discussion is still on, we still have the date issue. We still endorse the Referendum. As for the LGBT community, we have to find a legal formula to legislate the civil partnership. At the same time, we also have to clearly legislate the situation of the single-parent families. A serious debate is needed to cover all areas of concern,” Dragnea stated.

Asked if PSD is working on such a draft law, the party chairman said: “Yes, there is a draft in progress. There have also been meetings with the LGBT NGOs”. The minister delegate for European Affairs, Victor Negrescu is in charge with drafting the bill.

Dragnea has voiced intention to bring this issue under regulation since March, when he used to say that “we cannot say that LGBT minority does not exist” and that “a way to solve at least part of their demands must by found”.

Shortly after his statement, the Romanian Orthodox Church has voiced opposition against the civil partnership, saying it cannot agree to “this alternative to marriage”.

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    I sincerely hope that I’ll be still around when civil partnership will become a reality in Romania; because frankly, I have not much trust in either Dragnea or the ruling/oposition parties. I am sadly accustomed to the fact that the inequality suffered by the members of the LGBTQI+ community is something our politicians wouldn’t touch out of lack of spinal chord, out of populism, out of prejudice, ignorance ,bigotism.
    So, until I see that law functioning, I don’t give a…dime on what Mr. Dragnea is declaring. It’s very upsetting to see that a so called democracy of the XXIst Century Europe, a member of the EU is comfortable with having /maintaining some of its citizens as “second class” ones.