2 Million Guaranteed: 888poker makes huge sum available for XL Spring Series Festival


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The poker world has come together this spring as 888poker has revealed that there is a huge cash prize that is available to those who compete in the latest tournament that is being held.

The XL Spring Series – which is an online festival – has a total of $2 million that is guaranteed to be won across the format this spring, with games taking place from May 21 and right through to June 6, 2023. The $2 million that is on offer includes a $500k guaranteed Main Event Mystery prize, too.

Players will not be left without a choice if they decide to participate in this 888poker festival, as there are more than 100 different games possible to choose from when playing on the online site. There are a total of 32 featured events, while a host of side events can also be found. Each of the games made available will feature a different buy-in, with some being higher while others are more affordable.

Furthermore, there are two multi-flight games that will run throughout the series, with a total of $700k guaranteed made available between them. Day 1 flights – which will see the $200,000 XL Spring #19 – Mystery Bounty 8-Max event – will begin on May 24, while Day 2 will then take place on May 29.

The second of the multi-flight games of the series is the Main Event Mystery, and players will be able to begin qualifying for this competition on May 31. There is more than $600,000 up for grabs in other guarantees across the remaining featured events, while there is almost a further guaranteed $700,000 up for grabs across the side games that are possible to enjoy this spring at 888poker.

What is the Mystery Bounties?

The poker world has been a buzz in recent times as there has been the introduction of new formats that have helped to reignite and capture new interest in the classic game. These games come in the Mystery Bounty format, a new type of poker online games available at 888poker.

Traditional bounty or progressive knockout poker tournaments provide players with cash prizes when they successfully eliminate an opponent, known as bounty prizes or progressive knockout prizes. Mystery Bounty events differ as their prize for busting an opponent is unknown and thus unpredictable. Bounty prizes are in play from the outset of regular bounty tournaments; however, in Mystery Bounty tournaments, the bounty component becomes active at later stages – usually Day 2 of an event’s schedule.

Each player they eliminate in a live mystery bounty earns them a mystery bounty token, which they exchange at the prize chest/tombola for mystery bounty envelopes containing various prizes that range from hundreds of dollars up to life-altering sums of money.

A variety of Mystery Bounties are available at the XL Spring Series Festival

Given that there has been a huge buzz around this type of game, there is no real surprise that the XL Spring Series will feature a plethora of them throughout the dates that it is being held. As revealed, both multi-flight events involved in the Series will appear in the Mystery format, with each of them set to have some big bounties to be won.

In regards to the Main Event game, it has been made known that the biggest bounty to win will be worth $50,000, while Event #19 will have a maximum bounty prize of $20,000 available to win. Nonetheless, those that want to win these prizes will need to have deep pockets if they are to be within a shot of obtaining either of them.

Away from the multi-flight events, players are also able to experience this type of game throughout the Series in other forms of games. Many of the one-day featured events will contain the mystery bounty format, as will a number of the side events that are available to enjoy. The first event of the series provided players with the opportunity to win from the third-biggest prize pool at the festival, with $120,000 guaranteed. At the same time, the largest mystery bounty envelope contained $12,000.

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