Businessman Ion Tiriac to give up BRD Năstase-Ţiriac Trophy as of next year


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The matches of the BRD Nastase-Tiriac Trophy tournament in Bucharest, scheduled for April 18 to 24, will not be hosted by the central field of the ‘Progresu’ sports complex (BNR Arenas), so that the matches will be played on fields two and three. The information was disclosed by former tennis player Ilie Nastase for ProSport, and the reason is that the 5,000 seats arena doesn’t have the approval of the Emergency Situations Inspectorate (ISU), just like the National Arena.

The embarrassing situation has led former champion Ilie Nastase to announce on Wednesday he is not willing to ‘put his name on the line’ for this tournament and that this year will be the last one for the Nastase-Tiriac Trophy.

On the other hand, businessman Ion Tiriac says “the tournament is for sale.”

“I did all I could to keep this tournament going on. I bought the license from a Romanian, I paid all the debts and we’ve had a decent tournament in Bucharest. This is the last year the tournament will be played in Bucharest, I can’t afford to waste my name, my position, our past. (…) I sold the Dubai tournament, which was mine for 12 years on leasing. This tournament is also for sale. BNR is not to blame. Unfortunately this year there will be few spectators, but this is the current situation,” Tiriac said referring to the ISU restrictions.

In 2016 the BRD Năstase-Ţiriac Open will be played during April 16-24 at BNR Arenas in Bucharest.

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