Cătălina Ponor, Marian Drăgulescu and Corina Constantin – best Romanian gymnasts of the year


Cătălina Ponor (women’s gymnastics), Marian Dragulescu (men’s gymnastics) and Oana Corina Constantin (aerobics) have been designated as the best athletes of the year by the Romanian Gymnastics Federation.

Ponor is voted on the first place after 12 years, she won the same title in 2003, 2004 and 2005.

Catalina Ponor was seventh in the beam final at the Rio Olympics 2016, won bronze medals at the European Championships in the beam and floor events.

Marian Dragulescu was designated the gymnast of the year for the ninth time after 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2009 and 2015. He was fourth in the vault final in Rio, he won the silver medal in vault and floor at the European Championships.

Corina Constantin, individual world champion in 2016, was designated as best athlete for the third time in aerobics, after 2013 and 2014.



Women’s gymnastics

  1. Cătălina Ponor
  2. Larisa Iordache
  3. Denisa Golgotă
  4. Ioana Crișan
  5. Carmen Ghiciuc
  6. Olivia Cîmpian
  7. Maria Holbură
  8. Anda Butuc
  9. Alisia Botnaru
  10. Carmen Glăvan

Men’s gymnastics

  1. Marian Drăgulescu
  2. Andrei Muntean
  3. Cristian Bățagă
  4. Vlad Cotuna
  5. Andrei Groza
  6. Andrei Ursache
  7. Laurențiu Nistor
  8. Robert Pașca
  9. Andrei Gulă
  10. Beniamin Cristea


Corina Constantin
Corina Constantin
  1. Corina Constantin
  2. Livia Panaete
  3. Dacian Barna
  4. Lucian Săvulescu
  5. Gabriel Bocșer
  6. Bianca Gorgovan
  7. Bianca Becze
  8. Andreea Bogati
  9. Mădălina Cioveie
  10. Laura Cristache
  11. Andreea Darie
  12. Denisa Ganea
  13. Alexandra Oprea
  14. Anca Surdu

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