Champions League qualification round: CFR Cluj defeated by FC Astana 1-0


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Romanian football champions CFR Cluj was defeated 1-0 (0-0) by FC Astana on Tuesday on the Astana Arena in Nursultan, in the Champions League first qualification round.

The Kazakh team, where Romanian striker Dorin Rotariu plays, has been under constant pressure from CFR Cluj in the debut of the match, the Romanian champions having several important opportunities to open the score.

Astana managed to balance the game, putting more and more problems for the Romanian champions.

CFR Cluj started the second half with an advanced defense and pressing, proof that it quickly adapted to the conditions of the synthetic pitch on Astana Arena. But the pressure did not materialize.

Despite the game’s course, Astana managed to score from a free kick in the 68th minute, goal scored by defender Evgenyi Postnikov.

The return match will be played on July 17 at 21:00h in Cluj-Napoca.


FC Astana: 1. Nenad Eric (captain) – 2. Antonio Rukavina, 44. Evgheni Postnikov, 24. Luka Simunovic, 15. Abzal Beisebekov – 27. Iuri Logvinenko – 14. Marin Tomasov (32. Rangelo Janga 59th min.), 18. Ivan Maevski, 10. Runar Mar Sigurjonsson, 45. Roman Murtazaiev (19. Firmin Mubele 84th min.) – 9. Dorin Rotariu. Coach: Roman Grigorciuk.

CFR Cluj: 87. Giedrius Arlauskis – 16. Mateo Susic, 3. Andrei Burcă, 55. Paulo Vinicius, 45. Mario Camora (captain) – 19. Juan Culio, 28. Ovidiu Hoban (99. Mario Rondon 75th min.), 37. Mihai Bordeianu (6. Coimbra Aurelio 90th min.) – 10. Ciprian Deac, 9. Billel Omrani, 7. Adrian Păun (27. Sebastian Mailat 65th min.). Coach: Dan Petrescu (photo).

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