Champions League, women’s handball: CSM Bucharest, defeated by Metz Handball 31-26

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CSM Bucharest women’s handball team was defeated by the French team Metz Handball 31-26 (14-11) Friday evening, in the Dinamo sports hall, in the first round of the Champions League quarter-finals.

The French team has thus made a big step towards the Final Four tournament after a game it controlled all the way.

Metz started with a 5-0 (7th minute), then the score was 6-1, the Romanian champions managed to return to the game after five consecutive goals, 6-6 (16th minute). After 7-7, Metz took over the control of the game and finished the first half leading 14-11.

In the second half the guests led 19-13 (37th minute), then 21-23 (47th minute). In the end, in the effort to level the score, CSM made new mistakes, and Metz won 31-26, an almost insurmountable score.

For the first time in the last four years CSM Bucharest is on the verge of failing to qualify to the Champions League Final Four tournament.

The return match will take place on April 13, in Metz.


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