Champions League, women’s handball: CSM Bucharest defeats NFH-Nykobing Falster Handboldklub to top Group A


CSM Bucharest defeated on Saturday the team NFH-Nykobing Falster Handboldklub, 39-26 (18-22), in Group A game of the Women’s Handball Champions League, which took place at Dinamo Hall in Bucharest.

CSMB fully took their revenge after the failure in Denmark, 22-25, while ensuring at the same time their qualification for the main groups.

On behalf of Romania’s champion, Cristina Neagu (photo) scored 7 goals, Iulia Curea 7, Nathalie Hagman 6, Isabelle Gullden 5, Amanda Kurtovic 3, Line Jorgensen 3, Oana Manea 3, Marit Frafjord 3, Bianca Bazaliu 1, Aneta Udristioiu 1.

As for the other game of the group, RK Krim Mercator Ljubljana (Slovenia) defeated Vistal Gdynia (Poland), 29-22.

CSMB ranks first, with 6 points, followed by RK Krim, 6 points, NFH-Nykobing, 4 points, Vistal, 0 points.



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