Contender for the World Rugby Federation sends message to Romanian rugby fans

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Agustin Pichot, who is running to be world rugby chairman position, has send a letter to the Romanian Rugby Federation and Romanian rugby fans.

Dear Romanian Rugby fans,

Last week I announced my intention to stand as the Chairman of World Rugby. My plan, before this crisis, was to visit your beautiful country, to talk Rugby with some of the world’s best fans, and to speak with the Romanian  Union.

However, this crisis has stopped these plans. We cannot talk about our great game in person, but I can tell you my plan, if elected, for my vision for Rugby in your great country.

I think this crisis shows us the big issues that Rugby has long faced.  \Romanian Rugby is loved by many, but it is not being given the opportunity to fully develop.

I will realign the calendar, giving Romanian fans more opportunities to see their team play against every other Rugby nation. This is crucial for Romania, because the current plan is to carry on as before. This must change, and if elected, I will change it. 

I will secure the investment for the whole game, not just helping the more established unions.  Rugby is a big sport in Romania, but it has been overtaken by others.  A proper business plan will help the Romanian Union grow the sport.

I will give you a voice at the heart of Rugby. I know what it is like to be part of a developing Rugby nation.  I know the frustrations, and I will never overlook the issues and concerns that the Romanian Union has. 

Finally, my promise to you, is that together, we can build a global game. This is a crucial election at a crucial time for Romanian and world Rugby. At this election we can either move forward as one, or we can go backwards, risking the very survival of our sport.

A simple choice then: we go backwards and nothing changes, or we move forward and create a truly global game.

I look forward to visiting your beautiful country soon, and I hope you are keeping well.”

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  1. Federico says

    Pichot should be elected chairman…is the best candidate for all Tier2 nations!

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