COSR head Alin Petrache resigns

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The President of the Romanian Olympic and Sport Committee, Alin Petrache, on Monday resigned from office for not observing the target at the Rio Olympic Games. Petrache also announced he would not run anymore for the committee’s elections this autumn.

“I filed my resignation today from the position of the COSR head, considering that Romania’s Olympic team failed to achieve the target assumed by the national federations (6-8 medals) at the Olympic Games in Rio,” Petreche told a press release.

“I know I did everything I could in the past two years, but unfortunately the crisis of the Romanian sport is deeper and cannot be solved by provisional solutions,” the COSR president added.

Related to the poor quality of some of the sportswear for Romanian athletes in Rio Olympics, he said that “he fully trusts that the state institutions will do their job” and that he is waiting for the end of the authorities’ investigation.

39-year-old Alin Petrache was appointed at the helm of the COSR in 2014 for a two-year period. His term was however ending after the Rio Olympics.

The Olympic Committee will hold internal elections this autumn.

At Rio Olympics, Romania has its poorest performance in 50 years, ranking 47 in the medals chart. The Romanian athletes won one gold medal, one silver medal and three bronze medals.

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