CSA wins Steaua Bucharest’s record from FCSB

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CSA Steaua has won the lawsuit against FCSB and financier Gigi Becali regarding the record of Steaua Bucharest. The Bucharest Court has ruled that the record of Steaua Bucharest football club  belongs to CSA since 1947 until 2003, Prosport.ro reports.

“We’ve won everything!” CSA’s attorney Florin Talpan said after the court’s decision.

However, the ruling is not final, and Gigi Becali, FCSB’s financier, may challenge the decision to the Court of Appeals.

The record includes:

  • 21 champion titles;
  • 20 Romanian Cups;
  • 4 Romanian SuperCups;
  • 1 European Champions Cup;
  • 1 European Super Cup

FCSB allegedly remains with the record since 2003:

  • 5 champion titles;
  • 2 Romanian Cups;
  • 2 Romanian Super Cups;
  • 2 League Cups

    Gigi Becali

CSA Steaua, represented by Florin Talpan, has won all the files against Gigi Becali (photo 3) and FCSB (photo 2). The most important sentences were the ones of the High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ – Supreme Court) in December 2014 cancelling the brand ‘Steaua’ registered by Gigi Becali and the decision of the Court of Appeals, in December 2016, which banned Gigi Becali to use the brand Steaua for his club (FCSB).

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