EURO 2016: Nine Romanians detained by police in Paris, after clashes between… Dinamo and Steaua supporters

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There are huge problems for some of the Romanian supporters who travelled to France in order to support the national team. After exemplary mobilizations for the first match Romania vs. France, the opening of EURO 2016, the supporters have abandoned their peaceful mood and conflicts have surfaced, ProSport informs.

As the leader of Dinamo supporters, Elias Bucurica, was seriously beaten by the members of Steaua supporters near the Parc des Princes stadium, Dinamo fans had their revenge on a group of Steaua fans, whom they attacked in a bar in Paris. The scandal alerted the police and ProSport sources indicate that many supporters of the two galleries Romanian were remanded by police.

The information was confirmed by the press office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) for ProSport.

“As a result of steps taken by the Romanian Embassy in Paris, via the attaché for interior issues of the diplomatic mission upon the French competent authorities, it was revealed that, after the altercation, nine Romanian citizens were detained. Seven of the Romanian citizens were subsequently released, for another two the detention was extended. Until now, none of the Romanian citizens has requested consular assistance from the Romanian Embassy in Paris.”

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