EURO 2018, women’s handball: Romania defeats Norway 31-23, to face the Netherlands, Spain, Hungary in main group

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The women’s handball national team of Romania defeated Norway 31-23 (18-12) Wednesday evening in Group D of the European Championship 2018 in France.

It was Romania’s first victory against Norway after 18 years.

Following this victory, Romania has won Group D and will play in the main groups having 4 points.

The first half was balanced in the early minutes, but the Romanian team, having goalkeeper Dumanska in great form and a sharp attack, managed to take the lead 12-8 and a surprising 17-10, up to 18-12 at halftime.

In the second half, Norway tried to recover the difference, but the Romanian team got hold of the match to lead 21-14 and 28-19 (53rd minute), so that coach Ambros Martin changed the team and introduced some players who have played less in the championship, but who played at high level.

Romanian goalkeeper Yuliya Dumanska was named best player of the match, with 14 defences (44%).


Romania: Yuliya Dumanska, Denisa Dedu – Aneta Udriştioiu (1 goal), Laura Chiper (5), Ana-Maria Dragut (1), Gabriela Perianu, Melinda Geiger (4), Eliza Buceschi (4), Mădălina Zamfirescu, Cristina Laslo (1), Raluca Băcăoanu, Crina Pintea (3), Anca Polocoşer, Cristina Neagu (11), Valentina Ardean Elisei (1), Cristina Florică. Coach: Ambros Martin.

Norway: Silje Solberg, Katrine Lunde – Henny Ela Reistad (1), Emilie Hegh Arntzen (1), Camilla Herrem (1), Sanna Charlotte Solberg (1), Marta Tomac, Vilde Mortensen Ingstad, Marit Rosberg Jacobsen, Linn Jorum Sulland (4), Kari Brattset (3), Heidi Loke (1), Silje Waade, Stine Bredal Oftedal (1), Malin Aune (5), Veronica Egebakken Kristiansen (5). Coach: Thorir Hergeirsson.

In the other match in Group D, Germany defeated Czech Republic 20-28.

Romania is first in Group D with 6 points, followed by Germany – 4, Norway – 2 and Czech Republic – 0. The first three teams have qualified to the main groups.

In Group C, Hungary defeated Spain 32-26 and the Netherlands defeated Croatia 34-23. The Netherlands is on top of Group C with 6 points, followed by Hungary – 4, Spain -2 and Croatia – 0.

Romania and the Netherlands start the Main Group II with 4 points, Hungary and Germany with 2, Spain and Norway with 0. Romania’s next match is against the Netherlands on December 9, in Nancy.

Photo: Romanian Football Federation, Facebook


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