European Swimming Championships: David Popovici withdrew from the 400 m freestyle final


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David Popovici qualified in the final of the 400m freestyle event of the Rome Swimming EC at the very first participation in his career. He will not compete though, choosing to retire.

Qualified with the fourth time in the 400 m freestyle final, David chose to withdraw, the reason being that of accumulated fatigue, according to Popovici has competed a lot during this period, and 400m freestyle event is pretty exhausting.

David Popovici won two gold medals at the EC Swimming in Rome, our athlete being unstoppable in the queen’s 100 m freestyle, but also in the 200 m freestyle. We remind you that in June of this year, David Popovici did the double at the Swimming WC, managing to win in the 100 and 200 m freestyle events.

The young swimmer’s coach, Adrian Radulescu said that David is not injure, but tired.

“Our target was to get checked in the 400m freestyle event at a European Championship for seniors, which is an important test for the training of the other two, where results were brilliant indeed, but this test also brought along the fatigue.

The competition in Peru (the World Swimming Championships for juniors) are also important for us, we want good results there as well,” coach Radulescu said, according to the Romanian Swimming Federation.
“David is not injured, he is OK physically, he would have probably swum in tonight’s final, but there was a lot of stuff happening and we want to do good things furthermore (…) There was a lot of emotion at this championship. We decided it is better to protect him, especially that we’ll be in Bucharest only for two days. We are heading to Lima on August 21 to race in the World Swimming Championship for juniors”, he added.

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