Football legend Gheorghe Hagi accuses UEFA of discrimination against Romania

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Football legend Gheorghe Hagi, currently manager of Viitorul Constanta football team, has accused UEFA of discrimination against Romania. He argues it is unfair that UEFA has not allotted a position for Romania in the Champions league.

“We need to write a document, signed by everyone and go to the European forums and tell them this is discrimination. The coefficient should be for the countries with 4, 5 or 6 teams. The champion teams in Europe, the first 32 countries, should have a position directly in Champions League groups. This is the rule that placed us far away. We are out of the papers. The difference between us and them is by the number of teams, the teams having access to the Champions League groups,” Hagi said, according to

“They have reached budgets of EUR 500 million and we have EUR 10 million. When we had access, we fought against them. If we don’t do this, we will disappear, they’ll send us on paper to League 5. It is a very serious issue. We have to go and hand them the document and ask them why we’ve been eliminated. It is the biggest discrimination in the European Community,” Hagi said for Digi Sport.

Romania has fallen in the UEFA coefficients rankings following the poor evolutions of Romanian teams in the past seasons in European competitions. Romania is on the 32nd position in the rankings, behind countries such as Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Liechtenstein.

As consequence, Romania has four teams in European competitions, the champions and positions 2 and 3, the Romanian Cup winners, all of them competing from the first qualifying round.

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