Football: Romanian teams fall in the UEFA club rankings

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The poor performances of Romanian football teams in the latest seasons in European cups have led Romania on a shameful position in UEFA club rankings.

With a coefficient of 15.950 points, Romania is currently on the 29th position in Europe, behind countries such as Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Bulgaria, reports.

In the next season, Romania will have four teams in the European cups – one the Champions League and three in Europa League. However, three of the teams will start from the first preliminary round.

For the first time in more than two decades, the Romanian champions will play in the first preliminary round of Champions League, along with the champions of R. of Moldova, Liechtenstein, Ireland, Latvia, Malta and Luxembourg.

Romania’s rankings in the past 5 seasons:

2014/15th position: 5.125 points

2015/16th: 2.250

2016/17th: 3.300

2017/18th: 2.900

2018/19th: 2.375

In the current season, none of the Romanian football teams managed to qualify from the preliminary rounds.


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